Supporting the people of Drobo in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Supporting people and children in particular is my lives fulfillment. Currently I have the platform through the non-profit association Mokryhütten e.V. in regards to start building a community-kindergarden in West Africa, Ghana. Our social counseling and support is supposed to cover almost all areas of life planing of our members as though as help seekers from different societal backgrounds.
In a joint effort with the non-governmental and non profit association Mokryhütten e.V. the plan is set out to provide services that are scarcely supplied by the state however are elementary for a humane life. This often includes time-consuming processes e.g. the acquisition of linguistic skills, assistance in official situations (state agencies, school, etc.) as well as mediation offers in cases of family dispute or difficulties in school.

Furthermore our concept lies out a range of various offers on a course basis like assisting students with IT as well as internet and media skills, intercultural offers, such as workshops on art and culture, language training and the exchange in between generations. Moreover we take part in a network of permaculture collectives, which are based on the idea to restore the ground in a sustainable way while growing foods.
As a non profit initiative the aim is to improve processes like integration as well as promote cultural exchange focusing on an increased mutual understanding within society.